[DRBD-user] Maximum size of DRBD configuration?

Trey Palmer trey at gtf.org
Sat Jan 17 00:52:07 CET 2004

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We have a pair of large smb/nfs fileservers running stock 
2.4.22 on Red Hat 9, using heartbeat and DRBD 0.6.9 from the 
CVS tree on 11/21/2003.  Each machine is a dual Xeon with 1GB
RAM attached to a net total of 4 TB external hardware RAID 
storage.  The cross-connect is a bonded pair of e1000 gigabit 
cards on each machine.  

We found through trial and error that drbd in our setup only seems 
to allow about 2.6 TB of total space to be configured.   drbdsetup
fails to initialize properly any device that will go over that 
amount of total space configured, although the devices created 
up to that point continue to work fine.

Is this something that is dependent on kernel tuning and the like,
is it limited by something hardcoded into drbd, or is there perhaps
some hardware limitation? 

If it's simply that drbd can't handle any more, will the problem
be fixed by upgrading to 0.7 at some point in the future?

Thanks very much for any help, and thanks also for all the hard 
work making drbd a great tool.

Trey Palmer       Unix Systems Administrator     trey at isye.gatech.edu 
Georgia Tech Industrial and Systems Engineering          404-385-3080 

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