[DRBD-user] DRBD + Heartbeat - Doubt after fail !

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Tue Aug 31 18:00:04 CEST 2004

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Hello friends .

I fot my HA cluster setuped and now im starting test this out.

My haresources files looks like that :

ha01 drbddisk Filesystem::/dev/drbd1::/www::/ext3 apache

Ok !  The test i made that i got a doubt is :

When i reboot the primary pc .... the takeover happens ok . The ha02 pc gets the
service... Make the drbd1 primary, mount the fs and starts apache.

Then ... when i type /proc/drbd its looks like :

Primary / Unknow (its ok)

And the status is Stand Alone !

My doubt is in the part ! The ha02 (the one who gets the service) will stay as
Standalone on DRBD and dont change that ! I try some commands but cant change
this out.

So when i restart the ha01 PC .... it cant connect to the DRBD array !

Is there anyway i can do ... so when the secondary gets the service... it stay
as WFConnection ? Waiting for the other node to back online....

Then when the other pc gets online again, it will join the DRBD  array !

Any recommendations  ?


p.s: Im using DRBD 0.7.2 and Heartbeat 1.0.4

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