[DRBD-user] some doubt using drbd 7.2

German Gutierrez kuhne_24 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 18 00:13:24 CEST 2004

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Hi Lars

First at all , i thanks you for this application , Now
i will implement a mail system with two Dell machines

It will be used for 20K mail server users aprox . So i
need some helps from you and clarify some concepts. 

(Please , consider that i'm new on it and speak
spanish, so sorry for my english )

1- What is the best way for to integrate it with
heartbeat since the datadisk changed by drbdisk ? 
 I remember that datadisk do the work for switch
primary / secondary and mount and umount partition. On
7.2 ( if i not mistake ) only swith , but not mount /
umount partition . Let me know a good way for to do

For the moment i have on haresorces the follow :

node1 drbddisk::mail cluster , when
cluster mount and umount partition drbd0 ,and mail is
the resource that i set on drbd.conf

2- If one of my two nodes fail (disk corruption , hw
problems , etc) and i need to change a new one for
recovery the redundance, How can i do for to
recontruct DrBd ? ( forcing syncs , etc ) .

3- About the same , there is any doc with
troubleshooting for 7.x version? 

4- How can i monitoring that DRBD is working well
without testing switchover ?

5- I don't have clear the concept of meta-disk , where
i can found some docs about this concept ?

6- What are the most important things that is
necessary to consider for to "guarantee" the good
functionality of DrBd ( for example i read that i
can't mount the FS on both machine, etc ).

So , if you can help me with some tips , i will
appresiate your help . With it i will do some basics
procedures for operator

Thanks Lars 


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