[DRBD-user] HA with spare server, HOWTO?

Joerg Paysen paysen at rob.uni-luebeck.de
Mon Aug 16 15:38:31 CEST 2004

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we run drbd-0.7.2 on a kernel 2.6.7 with one "master" server M ans two
"client" server, A and B. server A ist primary and syncs to master M.
when server A stops server B should do the jobs from server A so it has
to sync its data partition from master M. it should never never never
happen that master M becomes SyncTarget on connect of server B. how can
i avoid master M from becoming a SyncTarget?

the idea is that we have a master server (M) which has four drbd
partitions, four client server which sync data with one of the masters
drbd partitions and one spare server which is able to do the jobs of the
other servers. in case of a failure of one of the clients the spare
server should sync its data partitions with the partition of the master

thanks :)

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