[DRBD-user] [patch] in-kernel builds

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Sat Apr 17 15:28:17 CEST 2004

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/ 2004-04-16 16:58:34 -0700
\ Kees Cook:
> Hi!  It's me again.  :)
> This is a patch against 0.7 CVS for three things:
> - add a "Kconfig" file for drbd being built in a kernel tree
> - inside/outside kernel tree test added to Makefile
> - script to generate a kernel patch against a kernel tree and drbd tree
> With these, I think anyone can build drbd inside and outside of a kernel 
> tree, monolithic or modular.

Thank you. Won't get lost.
Should be in CVS one way or the other soonish.

	Lars Ellenberg

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