[DRBD-user] Initial Sync - Fast then really slow

Jeff Goris jeff.goris at whiterabbit.com.au
Thu Apr 8 18:17:24 CEST 2004

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> > To reproduce the problem I simply used the date command on the secondary 
> > set the wall clock time 3 hours in advance of the primary and manually 
> > a full sync on the primary. Part way through the sync the secondary locks 
> > and the primary looks like this:

<< snip >> 

> and DRBD is the "only" thing running here, and if the nodes do not
> differ in time all works smoothly.
> is this what you are saying?
> 	lge

That is correct. The machine is only doing DRBD - both machines are freshly 
installed with just DRBD and heartbeat setup. The problem occurs whether or 
not /dev/nb0 is mounted or unmounted. The only resources Heartbeat manages in 
the cluster is one DRBD device and one virtual IP address.


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