[DRBD-user] what have i done

Gad gaad at interia.pl
Tue Apr 6 15:05:57 CEST 2004

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hello everbody!!

I have drbd version: 0.6.1-pre14 (api:58/proto:61) on RedHat 7.2. It 
worked great till i screw this up.
from the beginning;

I had /dev/nb0 and on new discs I created /dev/nb1. After that I removed 
drbd0 from my drbd.conf file and only /dev/nb1 was working. Then I've 
changed drbd1 in conf file to drbd0 and /dev/nb1 to /dev/nb0 . Since 
this operation i have state contradition to GC's error in logs and if I 
start primary node and then secondary it is StandAlone. When i reconnect 
them everything looks ok. But I know that /var/lib/drbd/drbd0 file is 
not for this instance of drbd (it is for old drbd0 which i've removed). 
My question is what should I do to correct this all mess?.
Should I stop drbd and remove matedata files? and when i start drbd new 
/var/lib/drbd/ file will be created and everything will work ok?

Please help
Best regards Grzesiek

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