[DRBD-user] disk/partition/resource layout

Holger Malte hmalte at you.oih.rwth-aachen.de
Mon Apr 5 00:15:32 CEST 2004

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I've got two servers (x-connected via gigabit-NICs) which
should provide high availabilty NFS-service for a number of
web/mail/something front end servers.

I am currently planning on how to layout the existing
disk space:

a.) Multiple partitions "connected" via multiple
drbd-resources (drbd0, drbd1, ...). NFS-Exports:
/mnt/drbd0/ (mail), /mnt/drbd1/ (www), ...

b.) One big partition on one resource (drbd0). NFS-
Exports: /mnt/drbd0/mail/, /mnt/drbd0/www/, ...

Possible (Dis-)Advantages:

Pro: Potential file system corruption only affects one
partition and corresponding front end servers.
Con: Not recommended in DRBD documentation. First tests
show poor sync(-all) performance (as exptected).

Pro: Easy "DRBD-doc-recommended" setup.
Con: Potential file system corruptions cause failures
on all frontend servers.

Total disk size on each server is ~200GB. Expected number
of files: >800.000 with moderate I/O. Preferred file system
is ext3.

Any suggestions are welcome.


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