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Tue Jan 23 13:55:44 CET 2018

so it (again) fell through.  I get it that it is important to others,
and getting rid of Clang warnings is a good thing.  So sorry again.

> It needs to get here now, but drbd hasn't really sent anything in for
> about a year,

Last actual fix was 2018-06-25 64dafbc9530c drbd: fix access after free
so almost six month, yes.

> so I'm starting to doubt how maintained it is at this
> point.

Oh, it is maintained.  It is just happens to be "stable".
We don't add new features there,
and I'm currently not aware of any misbehavior.

I'll prepare a pull request containing this,
the other Clang warning patch from Nathan,
and possibly other small stuff that accumulated,
if I can find any, and send that out later today.

Thanks for the reminder,


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