[Drbd-dev] [PATCH 00/35 v2] separate operations from flags in the bio/request structs

Martin K. Petersen martin.petersen at oracle.com
Thu Jan 7 02:40:09 CET 2016

>>>>> "Mike" == mchristi  <mchristi at redhat.com> writes:

Mike> The following patches begin to cleanup the request->cmd_flags and
bio-> bi_rw mess. We currently use cmd_flags to specify the operation,
Mike> attributes and state of the request. For bi_rw we use it for
Mike> similar info and also the priority but then also have another
Mike> bi_flags field for state. At some point, we abused them so much we
Mike> just made cmd_flags 64 bits, so we could add more.

Mike> The following patches seperate the operation (read, write discard,
Mike> flush, etc) from cmd_flags/bi_rw.

Mike> This patchset was made against linux-next from today Jan 5 2016.
Mike> (git tag next-20160105).

Very nice work. Thanks for doing this!

I think it's a much needed cleanup. I focused mainly on the core block,
discard, write same and sd.c pieces and everything looks sensible to me.

I wonder what the best approach is to move a patch set with this many
stakeholders forward? Set a "speak now or forever hold your peace"
review deadline?

Martin K. Petersen	Oracle Linux Engineering

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