[Drbd-dev] [CASE-23] please check potential error possibility.

김재헌 jhkim at mantech.co.kr
Wed Feb 24 07:44:56 CET 2016


Please check following codes whether potential error or not on version:

1. drbd_pause_after/drbd_resume_next

 - You used disk_state without array index.

#if 1
       if (other_device->disk_state[NOW] == D_DISKLESS) { // new
       if (other_device->disk_state == D_DISKLESS) { // orignal code

2. drbd_adm_dump_peer_devices/drbd_adm_dump_devices

 - If you run the first "goto put_result;" statement, you should meet
rcu_read_unlock() without rcu_read_lock().
 - Is it no problem?

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