[Drbd-dev] "you are the 21th user to install this version" - 21th rather 21st

Robert Scheck robert at fedoraproject.org
Fri Aug 15 15:58:09 CEST 2014

Hello folks,

a "drbdadm create-md data" reported "you are the 21th user to install this
version". I guess a minor bugfix is needed, this should be 21st, I guess.
And as I am also the 22nd user to install this version this needs a fix for
the 22th, too ;-)

According to Wikipedia there is e.g. only a 21st century, no 21th century.

This is 1d360bde0e095d495786eaeb2a1ac76888e4db96, DRBD 8.4.5 which has been
built from the regular release tarball. Thanks to my colleague who pointed
out this while watching...

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