[Drbd-dev] obtain addr

Philipp Marek philipp.marek at linbit.com
Mon Apr 7 12:49:31 CEST 2014

Hi Ra,

>   Where is the seccion in source code that obtain the IP address from
> drbd.conf file?
>   The follow code in drbd_int.h -> struct drbd_connection
>   struct sockaddr_storage my_addr;
>   int my_addr_len;
>   struct sockaddr_storage peer_addr;
>   int peer_addr_len;
the kernel module does _nothing_ with/about the configuration files.

"drbdadm" reads the config files, and runs
   "drbdsetup" commands, these use netlink to pass data to
      the kernel module.

You might want to look at sockaddr_from_str(), in user/drbdsetup.c 
around line 816.



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