[Drbd-dev] DRBD on container, lxc

Evgeniy Polyakov zbr at ioremap.net
Mon Mar 21 23:21:23 CET 2011


On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 09:27:27PM +0900, Ken-ichirou MATSUZAWA (chamas at h4.dion.ne.jp) wrote:
> I had tried using mutex at first but it was failed on
> Documentation/connector/cn_test which call cn_netlink_send() from
> timer, softirq. Conseqently I use rcu lock but I did not know which
> is not permmited for GFP_KERNEL allocation.
> I was thinking of lock issue and occured non-broadcating, spcifying
> netns on calling cn_netlink_send(), appended.
> But it will not work with multiple container in this way, I am
> having thought what to do... copy list locally in the function? 
> Then, I have got mail

AFAICS we should only send messages directly to the namespace, which
originally hosted aplication which requested given event.

If there are multiple clients in different namespaces who bound to the
same event, then there will be multiple sockets each of which lives in
own namespace and this information is stored in the socket structure,
which you duplicated in cn_init

	Evgeniy Polyakov

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