[Drbd-dev] drbd: clean reference to old kernels

Or Gerlitz ogerlitz at voltaire.com
Thu Jan 13 10:34:35 CET 2011

drop code present under #ifdef which is relevant to 2.6.28 and below

Signed-off-by: Or Gerlitz <ogerlitz at voltaire.com>


Philipp, I haven't noted if/where the drbd updates for 2.6.38 were posted,
have them? do you typically post the pull request to LKML or there's a lower
volume mailing list where this can be tracked?

diff --git a/drivers/block/drbd/drbd_req.c b/drivers/block/drbd/drbd_req.c
index 11a75d3..85f6cf6 100644
--- a/drivers/block/drbd/drbd_req.c
+++ b/drivers/block/drbd/drbd_req.c
@@ -1074,9 +1074,6 @@ int drbd_make_request_26(struct request_queue *q, struct bio *bio)
 		const int mask = sps - 1;
 		const sector_t first_sectors = sps - (sect & mask);
 		bp = bio_split(bio,
-				bio_split_pool,

 		/* we need to get a "reference count" (ap_bio_cnt)

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