[Drbd-dev] diff for adding 'wipe-md' to drbdadm.xml

Madison Kelly mkelly at alteeve.com
Wed Apr 6 21:50:36 CEST 2011

I noticed that the 'wipe-md' option wasn't documented. With the help of
adam_g on #drbd, I sorted out how to use it. I cloned the 8.3 repo and
patched drbdadm.xml to document the feature. I'm not entirely sure what
the devs prefer, both in language and diff syntax, so here is my initial
stab and I'm happy to hear feedback/criticism.

--- drbdadm.xml	2010-12-01 11:59:14.283726427 -0500
+++ digimer.drbdadm.xml	2011-04-06 15:45:58.910806575 -0400
@@ -295,6 +295,15 @@
+        <term>wipe-md</term>
+        <listitem>
+          <para><indexterm
+          Wipes the meta data from the specified resource and it's backing
+	  devices. Must be run on all nodes. Syntax is: drbdadm wipe-md res
+        </para>
+        </listitem>
+      </varlistentry>
+      <varlistentry>

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