[Drbd-dev] Problems with DRBD merge-bvec function

Graham, Simon Simon.Graham at stratus.com
Sun Apr 13 23:38:10 CEST 2008

> > That's what I'm testing at the moment -- I reverted the checks in
> both
> > drbd_merge_bvec and drbd_make_request_26.
> let us know what the impact on performance is.

It makes things a little better but not much -- after staring at this
for a while, I realized that I've been looking at the disk stats for the
LVM device underneath DRBD (because DRBD currently doesn't implement the
counters exposed in /proc/diskstats) -- at this level, the average size
of a transfer is reduced because of the meta data updates that are going
on; with the specific workload I am testing, I see about 50 AL cache
misses per second - obviously not good (and yes I am experimenting with
increasing the size, but this test is vicious and does random writes all
over the disk).

I've actually been working on adding support for the standard disk
counters - will probably submit a patch for that shortly on the
assumption that it's generally interesting.

> but maybe this had not been your problem at all?
> if any of the lower level devices has a merge_bvec function itself,
> drbd falls back to "PAGE_SIZE" max-segments, unless you have
> enabled, because we currently cannot cope with bios that need not be
> split on the Primary, but would suddenly be split on the Secondary due
> to different lower level constraints.

They don't. However, I don't think the code actually behaves the way you
describe, unless I'm missing something -- in the merge-bvec routine (in
8.0) it has:

	limit = DRBD_MAX_SEGMENT_SIZE - ((bio_offset &
(DRBD_MAX_SEGMENT_SIZE-1)) + bio_size);

	if (limit < 0) limit = 0;
	if (bio_size == 0) {
		if (limit <= bvec->bv_len) limit = bvec->bv_len;
	} else if (limit && inc_local(mdev)) {
		struct request_queue * const b =
		if(b->merge_bvec_fn && mdev->bc->dc.use_bmbv) {
			backing_limit = b->merge_bvec_fn(b,bio,bvec);
			limit = min(limit,backing_limit);

To me, this says it will use the normal 32KB boundary unless use_bmbv is
set in which case it uses the minimum of ours and the lower devices
value... I don't see anything here that would limit the size to 4K.


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