[Drbd-dev] Panic in _drbd_send_page() again.

Graham, Simon Simon.Graham at stratus.com
Wed May 2 16:06:44 CEST 2007

> Hi Ernest,
> Could you run this through ksymoops, to get the code line
> disassembled ? -- This does not look like a well-known distri kernel,
> or is it ?
> -Phil

This is running with Xen 3.0.4 patches -- it's way too late to
run ksymoops on this specific case (the system has long since moved on!)
However, looking at the disassembly for

00003df0 <_drbd_send_page>:
    3df0:	55                   	push   %ebp
    3df1:	89 e5                	mov    %esp,%ebp
    3df3:	57                   	push   %edi
    3df4:	89 cf                	mov    %ecx,%edi
    3df6:	b9 00 e0 ff ff       	mov    $0xffffe000,%ecx
    3dfb:	56                   	push   %esi
    3dfc:	53                   	push   %ebx
    3dfd:	83 ec 24             	sub    $0x24,%esp
    3e00:	8b 75 08             	mov    0x8(%ebp),%esi
    3e03:	89 45 f0             	mov    %eax,0xfffffff0(%ebp)
    3e06:	89 55 ec             	mov    %edx,0xffffffec(%ebp)
    3e09:	21 e1                	and    %esp,%ecx
    3e0b:	8b 41 18             	mov    0x18(%ecx),%eax
    3e0e:	89 45 e8             	mov    %eax,0xffffffe8(%ebp)
    3e11:	8b 02                	mov    (%edx),%eax
    3e13:	f6 c4 40             	test   $0x40,%ah
    3e16:	74 03                	je     3e1b
    3e18:	8b 52 0c             	mov    0xc(%edx),%edx
    3e1b:	8b 42 04             	mov    0x4(%edx),%eax
    3e1e:	40                   	inc    %eax
    3e1f:	85 c0                	test   %eax,%eax

send_page+0x21 is 3e11 - loading from %edx which is 2nd param, page; 
this is attempting to read the flags field as part of the page_count()
macro call:

int _drbd_send_page(drbd_dev *mdev, struct page *page,
		    int offset, size_t size)
	mm_segment_t oldfs = get_fs();
	int sent,ok;
	int len   = size;


	/* PARANOIA. if this ever triggers,
	 * something in the layers above us is really kaputt.
	 *one roundtrip later:
	 * doh. it triggered. so XFS _IS_ really kaputt ...
	 * oh well...
	if ( (page_count(page) < 1) || PageSlab(page) ) {
		/* e.g. XFS meta- & log-data is in slab pages, which
have a

The Oops message shows that edx is 0x6b6b6b6b which is the poison value
free memory when using CONFIG_SLAB_DEBUG -- as Ernest pointed out, this 
means that we're using a bio that has already been freed...

This is very similar to a bunch of problems found previously where the
was freed too early -- the big difference with this one is that we
on CONFIG_SLAB_DEBUG which enabled poisoning of freed memory...


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