[Drbd-dev] Suggestion: secondary socket address

daliv at apollo.lv daliv at apollo.lv
Mon Mar 5 20:14:48 CET 2007

suggestion in result of persistent development problems sky2 driver for 
"Marvell Technology" network cards:
add possibility to set backup direction of socket for each drbd resource
example :

on host01.domain {
     device    /dev/drbd0;
     disk      /dev/sdb1;
     meta-disk internal;

or may be with backup leveling
     address-backup level 1; // if primary failed - 
then here
     address-backup level 2; // if primary and 
secondary faled - then try to reconnect thru this connection

eth0 : - main corporate LAN
eth1 : - only interserver network - not for real client
eth2 : - additional lan/wan connections

listeners for level 1,2 may be not initialised on startup, but only in 
error state of primary listener.
when primary listener will back (periodical recheck) - drbd 
communication must return automaticaly to that.

+ additionally notifies about channel changes to admin email.

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