[Drbd-dev] freeze under postmark io bench

Laurent Denel ldenel at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 09:47:15 CEST 2006


> Could you send me please that 1_5 release of that benchmark ?
> Thanks! - We will try to reproduce this here.

Here it is. On my side, unfortunately, the cluster is going into
production soon though without drbd. I won't be able to make any
further test within the next few days, in fact, until I set up again a
pair of test servers.

Symptoms are fully reproductible. It happens each time the benchmark is ran.
Here is a sample session which we always use :

PostMark v1.5 : 3/27/01
pm>set number 200000
pm>set transactions 1000000
pm>set size 500 10240
pm>set read 4096
pm>set write 4096
Current configuration is:
The base number of files is 200000
Transactions: 1000000
Files range between 500 bytes and 10.00 kilobytes in size
Working directory: /DRBD
Block sizes are: read=4.00 kilobytes, write=4.00 kilobytes
Biases are: read/append=5, create/delete=5
Using Unix buffered file I/O
Random number generator seed is 42
Report format is verbose.

Without the settings above, postmark akways pass but it's a very short test.

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