[Drbd-dev] Re: drbd_panic() in drbd_receiver.c

Graham, Simon Simon.Graham at stratus.com
Wed Jul 5 16:27:31 CEST 2006

Thanks Philip,

I realize I will have to rework this for DRBD 8 - oh well!

One thing I think is important here is that when an error occurs in the middle of resyncing, I was thinking we should make sure we finish up as much as possible of the resync; this allows the disk to become sane again if the bad block in question is fixed up -- for example, if a subsequent write to the block is done to a bad block and it also allows most accesses to be local if we end up failing over primaryness -- so I was thinking we should not simply abandon the resync as soon as an error is detected... 

On the other hand, perhaps this would be an easier way to handle the issue -- simply abandon the current resync as soon as an error is detected and live with the fact that there are potentially many following blocks that could be synchronized but which will not be -- I suspect this would be much easier to implement in both 7 and 8... I think the only remaining question would then be what the strategy for restarting the resync in this case -- it would be nice if the disk could eventually become consistent again...

I appreciate your guidance and time,

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Am Dienstag, 4. Juli 2006 23:35 schrieb Graham, Simon:
> I'm now trying to work through the "internal dependencies and state
> changes that need to be adjusted" and it's proving tricky!

Hi Simon,

Pleas note that the way we do state changes has dramatically changed
from 0.7 to 8. In 8 we do it finally in a sane way.

> First things first though -- I'm assuming that in the case of a failed
> resync like this, we really want to end up back in Connected state (but
> still inconsistent) rather than simply staying in SyncTarget and
> continually trying to resync the affected block; do you agree with this
> as a goal?

Look out for pre_state_checks() in drbd-8. Currently it probably 
does not allow that state.

I have to add that there is a gracefull way of changing state
[ reuqest_state() ] , and a forcefull way [ force_state() ] .

request_state() is usually used by actions that are initiated by 
on operator, while force_state() is used if something fails...

So, if the disk fails during resync you could use force_state()
to go into Connected/Inconsistent, although this is not a valid
state as expressed by the constraints of pre_state_checks().

We need to check that there are no local requests issued to
the not-yet-synced areas. As far as I recall from the back of
my head, drbd-8 drbd_req.c already checks the local disk status
instead of the connection status, but we need to check this.

> Assuming that is the case, here's my problem (remember this is based on
> 0.7 at the moment) --

Hmm, oops, ok.

> right now, the check for end-of-resync is done in 
> w_update_odbm based on the current weight of the bitmap; what's more,
> this worker routine is only scheduled from drbd_try_to_clean_on_disk_bm
> IF a complete extent is zeroed (and, of course, this routine is only
> called from drbd_set_in_sync) -- so simply modifying w_update_odbm to
> check if the weight is <= the number of failed blocks will miss a couple
> of important cases:
> 1. If the failure is in the very last block and
> 2. If the failure is somewhere in the last extent of the on-disk bitmap

I see the issue here. Have to think about it.

> Apologies for the detail below, but I want to make sure I'm going about
> this the right way - Here's what I'm thinking as a way to fix this --
> please comment; you know this code so much better than I do!

I will try to answer that part of the mail later today, currently
I am running out of time

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