[Drbd-dev] DRBD integration with OpenSSI (code review)

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Mon May 30 19:20:57 CEST 2005

On Fri, May 27, 2005 at 11:11:37AM -0400, Roger Tsang wrote:
> Hi,
> I've managed to maintain the task of DRBD integration with OpenSSI to
> provide automatic failover using the cluster manager that comes with
> OpenSSI.  Now that I seem to have improved the exiting code to get
> DRBD working okay with OpenSSI-1.2.2 release for Fedora Core, I'm
> looking for peer review of the integration code by a core DRBD
> maintainer or DRBD guru.

we will have a look soonish.
somewhat busy over here at the moment, though.


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