[Drbd-dev] Re: drbd in linux-ha cvs

Lars Marowsky-Bree lmb at suse.de
Tue Sep 7 14:03:30 CEST 2004

On 2004-09-07T12:49:26,
   Lars Ellenberg <lars.ellenberg at linbit.com> said:

> it is more clean to have one ioctl, get the full info, and output that.
> I feel uneasy about introducing additional races by using several ioctls
> in a row (even if they all finish within one second). of course, once we
> have that info it could be stale already, but at least we have the
> guarantee that at some point in time it was correct.

Well, even if not correct, so at least it was consistent ;-)

It's also much easier to maintain in the external script, and less
likely to be gotten wrong in the script.

> as soon as we have a sane interface, I don't expect the internals to
> change so often, so the "maintenance trouble" is very low, either way.

Well, even if eventually change and export more data, that's more

I don't need writes to the generation counters, but getting at all that
information to know where to move things would be quite helpful.

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