[Drbd-dev] Regards.

Rodrigo Henriquez M. - Corporacion Linux S.A. rodrigo at corporacionlinux.cl
Thu Oct 28 14:21:01 CEST 2004


My name is Rodrigo. A chilean developer and a clustering fan.

I was talking with Philipp about to start to help on this 
project in some development tasks.

I already see the ROADMAP in http://svn.drbd.org/drbd/trunk/ROADMAP
and I would like to start with the most simple item:

3 Authenticate the peer upon connect by using a shared secret. 
  Configuration file syntax:  net { auth-secret "secret-word" }
  Using a challenge-response authentication within the new

It sounds fine for me as an initial task (tell me if I'm wrong).

I'm watching the code and I was wondering if exists documentation
about the DRBD internals to start to read.
Well, I hope to be a good contribution to this project and sorry
if from here I do too many questions :-)


Rodrigo Henriquez M.		http://www.corporacionlinux.cl
Corporacion Linux S.A. 		Fonos: 02 2442988 - 02 2444250

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