[Drbd-dev] 0.7.5 debian stuff

David Krovich dkrovich at csee.wvu.edu
Mon Oct 4 16:30:50 CEST 2004

I started looking at the debian directory released with the 0.7.5 
tarball.  Since we're changing some things around, how about the following?

Have the drbd source package create 2 binary packages, one named 
drbd-utils and one named drbd-modules-source.  I think those would be 
much cleaner names for the binary packages.

I like the fact that drbd0.7 conflicts drbd << 0.7, but do we think 
0.6.x is no longer being used?  If we upload this package into debian, 
how would we ever be able to upload a newer version of the 0.6.x series?

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