[DRBD-announce] drbd-utils v9.24.0

Roland Kammerer roland.kammerer at linbit.com
Thu Jun 15 10:44:49 CEST 2023

Dear DRBD users,

this is version 9.24.0 of drbd-utils. There have not been any changes
since the last RC. For your convenience the original announcement:

We accumulated a lot of minor improvements (updating the windrbd bits,
lots of documentation updates, user defined block sizes,...). The main
reason to finally get this out is that we added a new sub-command named
"repair-md". This currently contains 1 fixup where DRBD left meta-data
in an unexpected state.  This command is executed automatically before
an "attach", so there is no need to do it manually.

Please check the individual commit messages for more details.

Regards, rck

GIT: https://github.com/LINBIT/drbd-utils/commit/c331d6627ad1af44c4d2ec17b0ff6d5f8ba0e833
TGZ: https://pkg.linbit.com//downloads/drbd/utils/drbd-utils-9.24.0.tar.gz
PPA: https://launchpad.net/~linbit/+archive/ubuntu/linbit-drbd9-stack


 * windrbd: various fixes
 * v9: Support user-defined block-size
 * doc,v9: improvements all over the place
 * drbdadm,v9: implement drbdadm role <res:peer>
 * drbdadm,v9: pass --verbose/--statistics to drbdsetup status
 * drbd{adm,meta}: add repair-md subcommand
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