[DRBD-announce] WinDRBD 1.1.1 released

Johannes Thoma johannes.thoma at linbit.com
Mon Oct 31 15:54:37 CET 2022

Dear WinDRBD users,

We just released WinDRBD 1.1.1 - it is the same source as 1.1.0 but the
version number has changed. It is released as a convenience for those
who installed WinDRBD 1.1.0 before Oct 28 (which had a signature bug).
Upgrading from those 1.1.0 versions to 1.1.1 should work without having
to manually uninstall WinDRBD and manually remove the Virtual Bus Device.

This release can be downloaded at:


And again, no need to upgrade unless you installed 1.1.0 before Oct 28 (the
current 1.1.0 on the web site does not have the signature bug and should install

Best regards,

- Johannes

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