[DRBD-announce] linstor-operator 1.5.0 + linstor-csi 0.13.0 released

Moritz Wanzenböck moritz.wanzenboeck at linbit.com
Mon May 17 16:25:16 CEST 2021

Dear LINSTOR on Kubernetes users,

We just released Linstor Operator 1.5.0 together with Linstor CSI 0.13.0.

This release contains a new and exciting feature: Monitoring via
Prometheus. With the help of the new drbd-reactor project, we can export
metrics related to DRBD from each satellite. If you are already using the
Prometheus Operator the Linstor Operator will even configure the
ServiceMonitor resource to start fetching metrics. For more information,
take a look at the updated user guide. [1]

Behind the scenes, we cleaned up the labels applied to generated resources.
Unless you have other services targeting Pods or configs created by Linstor
Operator, this change should be completely transparent. It might take a bit
longer for the upgrade to complete, as Deployments need to be deleted and
recreated by the Operator instead of simply patched.

Finally, the operator also defaults to the latest versions of DRBD 9.0 and

On the CSI front, this release contains mostly bug fixes. One new feature
is the possibility to set any Linstor property in a storage class by using
the "property.linstor.csi.linbit.com" prefix in parameters. [2]

Unfortunately, the introduction of monitoring makes it necessary to upgrade
the LinstorSatelliteSet CRD. This is not included in the normal upgrade
path, and requires you to run these steps before the actual upgrade:

$ helm repo update
$ helm pull linstor/linstor --untar
$ kubectl replace -f linstor/crds/

After this step is done, the usual procedure applies:

$ helm upgrade linstor-op linstor/linstor -f orig.yaml

For more information, please take a look at the upgrade guide. [3]

Best regards,


Linstor Operator Changelog

- All operator-managed workloads apply recommended labels. This requires
the recreation of Deployments and DaemonSets
  on upgrade. This is automatically handled by the operator, however any
customizations applied to the deployments
  not managed by the operator will be reverted in the process.
- Use drbd-reactor to expose Prometheus endpoints on each satellite.
- Configure `ServiceMonitor` resources if they are supported by the cluster
(i.e. prometheus operator is configured)

- CSI Nodes no longer use `hostNetwork: true`. The pods already got the
correct hostname via the downwardAPI and do not
  talk to DRBD's netlink interface directly.
- External: CSI snapshotter subchart now packages `v1` CRDs. Fixes
deprecation warnings when installing
  the snapshot controller.
- Default images:
  * Linstor Server v1.12.3
  * Linstor CSI v0.13.0
  * DRBD v9.0.29

Linstor CSI Driver
- Allow setting arbitrary properties using a parameter prefixed with the `
property.linstor.csi.linbit.com` namespace.

- Generate a resource group name if non was provided. The name is generated
based on the provided parameters. Since
  storage classes are immutable, volumes provisioned using the same storage
class will always receive the same
  resource group name.

- Resource groups no longer update existing properties or remove additional
properties if they not set in the storage
  class. A resource group is immutable from the linstor-csi's point of view.

- Failed snapshots are now cleaned up and retried properly. This mitigates
an issue whereby the snapshot failed for
  one reason or other, but the snapshot controller contiously polls it for
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