[DRBD-announce] linstor-operator 1.3.1 released

Moritz Wanzenböck moritz.wanzenboeck at linbit.com
Thu Jan 14 18:12:00 CET 2021

Dear LINSTOR on Kubernetes users,

We just released version 1.3.1 of our Kubernetes operator.

This release mostly contains updates to most of the deployed images.
* LINSTOR 1.11.1 fixes an important bug in the context of Kubernetes 
which prevented PVC with 2 replicas from automatically getting a third 
tie breaker resource associated.
* LINSTOR High Availability Controller was updated to no longer crash 
when running into Kubernetes API timeouts.
* A user reported a bug when running a specific Kernel version that 
would randomly crash the LINSTOR Controller. This is also fixed in the 
image update

As always, upgrades can be applied via Helm, as described in the Users 

Best regards,


### Changed
* Default image updated:
  * operator.controller.controllerImage: 
  * operator.satelliteSet.satelliteImage: 
  * haController.image: drbd.io/linstor-k8s-ha-controller:v0.1.3
  * pv-hostpath: chownerImage: quay.io/centos/centos:8

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