[DRBD-announce] python-linstor, linstor-client 1.0.14 release

Rene Peinthor rene.peinthor at linbit.com
Thu Mar 12 08:55:45 CET 2020


This client release also brings support for OpenFlex and has
improvements to table output and show DRBD connection states
in the resource list command.

python-linstor 1.0.14
 * Support OpenFlex(node, storage pool)
 * Response objects add DRBDResource layer data
 * High-Level Resource better error reporting


linstor-client 1.0.14
 * Add node and storage pool commands for OpenFlex
 * Improve node ip resolve (filter local addresses)
 * Improve table column headers
 * Add missing completers to resource-groups
 * Show DRBD-connection info in resource list


Linstor PPA:

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