[DRBD-announce] WinDRBD 0.10.4 released

Johannes Thoma johannes at johannesthoma.com
Fri Jan 31 15:11:21 CET 2020

Dear DRBD and WinDRBD community,

We just released a new minor release of the WinDRBD software
package. For those who don't know, WinDRBD is a port of
DRBD to the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems.

We mainly focussed on getting WinDRBD more stable for
this release, we have two (non-boot via WinDRBD) VMs running
on constant I/O for more than one week now. Also on machines
booted via WinDRBD it is now more stable and can, in most
cases, survive a network failure. However we still got report
about crashes when using the boot feature (which we will
fix in an upcoming release) so please do not use booting
via WinDRBD in production enviroments yet.

As a minor addition, the CGI script now tries forever to access
the block device (causing iPXE to wait on booting until  the
device is ready) which fixes the annoying behaviour of not
booting on Windows restart (because there was still the old
Primary connection in which case DRBD devices cannot be
opened at all, also not read-only).

Again, please contribute to WinDRBD development by testing
it, most of the issues we fixed came from the community
(many thanks to Yannis and Oliver at this point),

As always, you can download the newest version from


as an EXE installer signed by Linbit-HA. To learn how to set up
WinDRBD with data devices or how to set it up with a WinDRBD
boot device (diskless client booting via WinDRBD from the network),
please consult the tech-guides at


(you need to register to download the guides).

We will maintain a WHATSNEW.md file from now on that
briefly describes what is new in the version. You can directly
view it online at github:


Best regards and happy hacking !!

- Johannes
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