[DRBD-announce] linstor-server 1.8.0 release

Rene Peinthor rene.peinthor at linbit.com
Mon Aug 17 16:17:17 CEST 2020

Hi All!

Finally linstor-server 1.8.0 is here.

Changes from rc1 are a few reported bug fixes and also a snapshot-shipping
list is now available in the API.
I'm copy-pasting the release highlights from the rc1:

* SOS-report: using "linstor sos-report create" and afterwards the
"download" subcommand, Linstor can now generate a tar.gz containing
machine- and Linstor-specific information, log files, error reports
and such.
* Snapshot-shipping[1]: Linstor can now ship newly created snapshots
from one Linstor resource to another using 'zfs send' / 'zfs receive'
for ZFS or 'thin_send' / 'thin_recv' for LVM. Both tools support
incremental shipment. Additionally Linstor can be configured with
auto-snapshot-shipping as well as auto-snapshots (without shipping)

NOTE: LVM-based snapshot-shipping requires the 'thin_send_recv' tool
to be installed which is available from the PPA as well as from

linstor-server 1.8.0
 * rest-access.log is disabled now per default
 * snapshot shipping with status view
 * only update satellites if properties really changed
 * allow to set, controller/satellite settings via REST API
 * add `/v1/sos-report` REST-API, to create and/or download an SOS report
 * add Prometheus `/metrics` url with reporting
 * add Sentry integration to capture error info (Beorn Facchini)
 * add modifying resource definition resource group linking
 * error-reports are now additionally stored in a local h2 sql db, with
more info
 * user errors that would produce a error-report are greatly reduced
 * simplify storage pool create property to a single one
 * do not bind controller protobuf Plain/SSL-Connector
 * do not throttle external meta data volumes, if volumes are throttled
 * added zfs create options
 * REST-API v1.3.0


Linstor PPA:


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