[DRBD-announce] linstor-proxmox-4.1.0rc1

Roland Kammerer roland.kammerer at linbit.com
Mon Sep 16 11:59:05 CEST 2019

Dear Proxmox users,

You probably have heard of LINSTOR resource groups ("templates"). This
adds resource groups to the Proxmox plugin. Note that this is the preferred way
to set up storage/set DRBD properties. The old way (setting
'storagepool'/'redundancy') still works, but if a 'resourcegroup' is set, the
values from the resource group are used. Eventually the old way will be

The important commit message with some howto:

This adds support for LINSTOR resource groups. This is now the preferred way to
set up storage for the plugin (and in general in LINSTOR).  Resource groups are
used whenever the keyword 'resourcegroup' is found in the configuration.

Resource groups in LINSTOR are like templates. For example let's create a
resource group that autoplaces every VM disk to two nodes, to the fast ssd
storage pool:

linstor rg c -s ssd --place-count 2 onfaststorage
linstor vg c onfaststorage

Note that you *have to* set a storage pool (-s). And also note that you have to
create exaclty one LINSTOR volume group (vg).

The configuration in /etc/pve/storage.cfg then looks like this:
drbd: ssdtwice
  content images,rootdir
  resourcegroup onfaststorage

Every other LINSTOR/DRBD option then can be set on the template and gets
automatically applied (even for existing resources).

Please test. Use the latest LINSTOR release.


Regards, rck

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