[DRBD-announce] Linstor-server 0.7.3/linstor-client 0.7.2 release

Rene Peinthor rene.peinthor at linbit.com
Thu Nov 22 16:07:16 CET 2018

Hi Everyone!

We finished another linstor release, with this comes a new snapshot
rollback command and usual fixes.
The snapshot rollback command is used to do in-place rollbacks to the last
snapshot taken.

As always the release highlights:

linstor-server 0.7.3
 * Added snapshot rollback API
 * Show SyncTarget percentage in volume state
 * Allow resource creation if the satellite isn't connected
 * Fixed storage pool size check in case of a drbdmanage migration
 * Fixed node reconnect creating error reports
 * Fixed a missing write lock on storage pool definition map
 * Multiple fixes to snapshots
 * Database compatibility fixes to ensure linstor runs on all kind of SQL


linstor-client/python-linstor 0.7.2
 * Added snapshot rollback command
 * All object name lookups should be case insensitive now
 * Added warnings for list-properties command, if their is no object with
that name


Linstor PPA:

Best regards,
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