[DRBD-announce] drbdmanage v0.20 pre-release

Robert Altnoeder robert.altnoeder at linbit.com
Tue Jan 20 16:57:06 CET 2015

Hi everyone,

along with the rc1 release of DRBD 9.0.0, we are releasing
another pre-release of drbdmanage.

Here are some of the new features of this release:

- drbdmanage volumes are created with specified net size
   now; drbdmanage calculates the space required for
   DRBD meta-data and adds it to the space required for
   the actual data

- this also works the other way around: drbdmanage
   can report the net amount of free space, so that when
   you create a new DRBD volume, you will have that much
   space for actual data - because the space required for
   the resource's meta-data had already been considered
   when drbdmanage reported the amount of remaining
   free space

- there is a "free-space n" command now; it tells you
   the maximum size for an n-tuple redundant volume

- volumes created by drbdmanage do no longer stay
   in the "Primary" role on one of the drbdmanage nodes
   after initialization; you can begin to use them immediately

- creating a new drbdmanage cluster has even more
   automation built in now;
   if ssh keys are present, drbdmanage can attempt to
   run the join command on the newly added node
   remotely through ssh, so you are no longer
   required to copy&paste the join command to the
   new node

- more comfortable usage: most list output is
   sorted now, the size argument of the "new-volume"
   command takes unit suffixes (e.g., "35gb"), and there
   are shortcut aliases for many commands
   (for example, try "nn" instead of "new-node")

If you have questions, or if you would like to provide feedback,
feel free to post to the mailing list, or to visit our IRC channel
at FreeNode #drbd9+drbdmanage.

Best regards,

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