[DRBD-announce] drbd-8.3.8rc1.tar.gz

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Fri May 21 15:02:32 CEST 2010


This again is a call for all DRBD users, that have some testing equipment
available, and are ready to contribute a bit of their time to testing

 This is a release candidate, do not use it for production.
 This is a release candidate, do not package it for distributions.

The most outstanding change with this release is, that DRBD now
can use multiple BIOs (single IO requests) for processing a signle 
data packat on the receiving side. This allows DRBD in many more 
cases than before (on LVM's LVs) to process BIOs of a size of up
to 32k. (Before that DRBD, in many cases, forced the whole stack
down to a max BIO size of 4k).

This is important for hardware setups where both disk IO subsystem 
and connecting network operate in the area of 10GBit/sec. Those become 
rapidly more common.

8.3.8rc1 (api:88/proto:86-94)
 * Do not expose failed local READs to upper layers, regression introduced
   in 8.3.3
 * Fixed support for devices with 4k hard sector size (again)
 * Fixed a potential Oops in the disconnect code
 * Fixed a race condition that could cause DRBD to consider the peers disk
   as Inconstent after resync instead of UpToDate (Bugz 271)
 * Fixed a reace condition that could cause DRBD to consider the peers disk
   as Outdated instead of Inconsistent during resync (Bugz 277)
 * Disallow to start a resync with invalidate / invalidate-remote when the
   source disk is not UpToDate
 * Forcing primary works now also for Consistent, not only for Outdated and
   Inconsistent (Bugz 266)
 * Improved robustness against corrupt or malicous sector addresses when
   receiving data
 * Added the initial-split-brain, it gets called also if the split-brain gets
   automatically resolved
 * Added the --assume-clean option for the resize command, it causes drbd to
   not resync the new storage after an online grow operation
 * drbdadm: Do not segfault if stacked-on-top-of refers to an undefined res
 * drbdadm: Do not consider configs with invalid after statements as invalid
 * drbdadm: Do not segfault if the peer's proxy section is missing
 * drbdadm: Allow nullglob in include statement
 * drbdadm: Fixed the use of waitpid
 * init script: fix insserv headers (Debian 576901)
 * Gave the receiving code the ability to use multiple BIOs for writing a
   single data packet; now DRBD works with BIOs up to 32kByte also on LVM
   devices; from now on the use_bmbv config option does nothing
 * New command check-resize, that allows DRBD to detect offline resizing
   and to move internal meta-data accordingly
 * Added a control loop, that allows DRBD to find auto tune the resync
   speed, on connections with large queues (drbd-proxy)
 * Create new current UUIDs late, after loosing connection to the peer
 * --dry-run option for connect; disconnects after sync handshake
 * --overwrite-data-of-peer got an alias named --force
 * Improvements to crm-fence-peer
 * Fixed option parsing and stacking in snapshot-resync-target-lvm.sh
 * Compiles on 2.6.33 and 2.6.34


Happy testing!

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