[DRBD-announce] drbd-0.7.12.tar.gz

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Thu Aug 25 15:56:25 CEST 2005


Yet another DRBD release...

0.7.12 (api:77/proto:74)
 * The /proc/drbd code used a fixed single page buffer. This breaks 
   at about 30 configured devices. Changed that to use the seq_file
 * Bind the source of TCP connections to the IP address that is
   mentioned in the configuration. 
 * Fixed a connection flip-flop bug when the two peers used different
   user provided sizes.
 * Various fixes in the online-resize code path, including online shrinking
   and handling the case that the memory allocation for the new bitmap
 * Random improvements to drbdadm: 
   * The "size" option is now allowed in the disk section
   * A new "disable-ip-verification" option for the global section
   * The "disable-io-hints" option is not longer available.
   * Allow "drbdadm -- --size=XXX resize r0".
 * Fixed a potential very unlikely race condition that in the end would
   trigger an ERR in drbd_actlog.c:607. Actually I never saw this trigger.
 * Fixed a logic bug in _drbd_process_ee() that, paired with a race condition
   could trigger a "ASSERT(b->n_req == set_size)" upon disconnect.
 * Removed the "disable_io_hints" module parameter.
 * Added the "disable_bd_claim" module parameter, to allow users, WHO 
   KNOW WHAT THEY DO, to read-access the data on the secondary node.
 * Allow "drbdadm invalidate" only in StandAlone and Connected states. 
 * DRBD no longer goes into StandAlone mode, if there is an random network 
   error during the handshake phase, instead it retries the to connect.
   Only critical problems, e.g. incompatible protocols will cause it 
   to go into StandAlone mode.

This time I released the hard grip a bit and let some improvements slip
in, that are save to apply in the stable series.

The few bug-fixes are really non critical. Update as your time and
schedule permits, no need to hurry. 

On the other hand, if you are up to use the online resizing feature, it 
might be better to upgrade before.


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