[DRBD-announce] drbd-0.7.5.tar.gz

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Fri Oct 1 11:56:01 CEST 2004


Although the entry in the changelog is quite long, I think
we stabilise nicely.

-> RedHat users should consider to update, becuase with 
   previous releasese /etc/init.d/drbd is not called.

-> You might want to upgrade to be 100% sure to never
   run into issue 1 on the list of changes, although with
   sane cluster management you probabely prefer to never
   run your service on the SyncTarget node anyway...

-> You might want to upgrade to get higher syncer
   performance than 30 MB/sec

otherwise there is no immediate reason to upgrade.

Users of ancient 2.4.x (RH 2.4.9!) kernels will now
be able to use drbd-0.7.x

0.7.5 (api:76/proto:74)
 * Fix a bug that could case read requests to return wrong data
   on a node in Primary/SyncTaget state. (A very unlikely race,
   it is not known that this ever triggered; It was found by an 
   ASSERTION in the code)
 * Removed the 30MB/sec speeding limit for the syncer. (this was 
   intended as a debugging aid, but it was not removed in time)
 * A fix to drbdsetup, to make drbdadm adjust work if a resource
   is diskless.
 * Got rid of the compiler warning when build on a kernel with
   CONFIG_LBD not set.
 * Now the device nodes are created with sane permissions.
 * The debian package is now named "drbd0.7"
 * set_fs() is now also done for sendpage()
 * Better compatibility with early 2.4.x kernels (BH_Launder, min()/max())
 * Touch /var/lock/subsys/drbd, needed for RedHat based distros.
 * Improvements to the INSALL document
 * Removed HOWTO, ja, pt_BR ... all hopelessly outdated.
   disabled benchmark/run.sh

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