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Tue Jan 23 13:55:44 CET 2018

breaks your receive offloading (maybe only for "jumbo frames").

I strongly doubt that DRBD can be blamed here,
or can do anything about this.

The expectation is that if your TCP streams corrupt stuff for DRBD,
the will corrupt stuff for other connections as well.

Some "PoC" shell snippets to transfer and integrity check data:

You could e.g. create on huge tarball of your entire /usr,
calculate the md5sum (sha1sum, sha512sum, I don't care),
and transfer that safely.

# tar cf usr.tar /usr --one-file-system
# sha512sum -b usr.tar > usr.tar.checksum
# scp usr.tar.checksum $peer:

Then loop until you hit a mismatch:

on the peer:
# while nc -l -p 9999 > usr.tar; do
# 	sha512sum -c usr.tar.checksum || break;
# done

on this node:
# mv usr.tar usr.tar.orig
# while <usr.tar.orig | tee usr.tar | nc -q1 $peer 9999; do
# 	sha512sum -c usr.tar.checksum || break;
#	sleep 5;
# done

Add progress messages or | pv | progress meters,
or other sanity checks (transfer complete?) if you want.



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