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On 27/06/13 20:42, Chris Tothill wrote:
> Are you using active/active channel bonding? If so I'd suggest trying
> active/passive (or just a single direct connection with no bonding)
> and see if that helps. If in doubt, simplify...
> Incidentally, with gigE my experience is that you don't actually need
> a 'crossover' cable to do direct connection, a normal 'straight' cable
> works just as well. I think this is because gigE uses all 4 pairs
> simultaneously in both directions rather than one pair in each
> direction as 100M does.

AFAIK, the specs for gigabit specify that all devices must support auto
MDI/MDIx (in otherwords, automatically detect whether crossover is
required or not). I also don't believe that gigabit uses all four pairs,
it still only uses 2 pairs, and even 10M full duplex will use all four
wires (2 pairs) simultaneously...

My suggestion would also to avoid any bonding/etc until you have things
working properly.


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