[DRBD-user] Diagnosing a Failed Resource

Dan Barker dbarker at visioncomm.net
Tue Jan 22 15:55:23 CET 2013

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>>> However, I still have no idea what caused the failures.

A split brain is caused by writing to both members while they are disconnected. What in your environment caused that to occur is probably lost in logs a week gone. But, if your procedures always allow only one node (primary) to write to a resource, even if it’s disconnected, then split-brain won’t occur.

“nuke the whole thing” certainly worked. So would have following the doc to invalidate the secondary copy and then simply connect. There is an excellent chapter in the manual about split-brain.


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I decided to nuke the whole thing and start over:

On both nodes, I...


However, I still have no idea what caused the failures.

Ideas? Suggestions?

Eric Pretorious
Truckee, CA

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