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I suppose the 11.1 is for the opensuse.
We have very good experiences with Sles11 SP1 and DRBD 8.3.11 (older 
versions as well). Personally I would not use Ubuntu on a server at all - 
its main focus is on workstations.
For servers I use SLES (at work) or Debian (in private). RHEL/CentOS are 
fine as well.
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Re: [DRBD-user] On-Disk Format

From: Lars Täuber <taeuber at bbaw.de>
> I administrate a running drbd system, that has some flaws.
> There are two SuSE 11.1 servers mirroring 12TB.
> Is it possible to migrate [that] to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS?

Probably.  However, while SuSE has always been buggy, Ubuntu isn't that 
better AFAICT.  You've heard all the "OMG Unity is horrible!!1!" traffic 
various mailing lists, right?  That's more important for orkstations than
servers, but it shows they're out of touch with users' wants.  I'd go for
CentOS or Gentoo myself.

> Will drbd 8.3.11 understand the on-disk format of a previous
> installation?


> Install an Ubuntu system on the secondary and synchronize after
> installation, then make the new system primary and do the same to
> the [old] system.

That should work.  The main thing you'll have to do is account for all the
differences between the old distro and the new distro in terms of running
programs and config file differences.

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