[DRBD-user] Stack resource. Dual Primary Mode Possible?

David Whiteman davew at supanet.net.uk
Thu Mar 22 15:21:51 CET 2012

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I would have 2 virtual IPs, one per 2-node cluster.

I would then have the servers in each location mount the virtual IP. 
Should one cluster go down both IPs would migrate to the remaining 
running cluster.

I think this would be a massive headache to configure in pacemaker but I 
want to see if this scenario is even possible, and what problems it 
could cause before I start looking into pacemaker.

On 22/03/12 13:51, Doros Eracledes wrote:
> I'm a new drdb user but as far as I can tell you'll need a cluster
> filesystem like GFS or OCFS2 running on both nodes and then you "share"
> with NFS. Note that that would still make it an active-standby solution
> since the alias IP can only be on one of the two machines
> Theo
> On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 12:16:39PM +0000, David Whiteman wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am currently working on a highly available NFS service. I would
>> like to set this up with 2 servers, running RAID 6 and drbd running
>> on top of the raid device. I can then provide a virtual IP address
>> for the clients to mount the NFS directories.
>> This will later be expanded upon where we would need to write to the
>> NFS storage from another location. Is it possible to have 2 2 node
>> clusters, replicated by a stacked resource? Is the stacked resource
>> able to work in dual primary mode?
>> Here is what I want to setup.
>> [       Primary        ]<-------------->[       Primary        ]
>> [Primary]--->[Secondary]                [Primary]--->[Secondary]
>> Is this possible?
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