[DRBD-user] Quick heads-up in case you see us disappearing from the list (was Re: Switch from MD to DRBD)

Jake Smith jsmith at argotec.com
Tue Mar 20 16:23:15 CET 2012

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> Greetings everyone,
> just so you know: after this, an angry email was directed at me
> personally from Linbit management, informing me that the user list
> was
> "not a marketing platform," that this was "abuse" of the mailing
> list,
> and threatening to block all email sent to the list from the
> hastexo.com domain.
> To anyone who was offended by the humorous exchange between Arnold,
> Jake and myself and who felt spammed, my sincere apologies. To
> everyone who is having trouble discerning why saying "we recommend
> people use DRBD Proxy" is good whereas asserting that you're
> providing
> professional services around F/OSS technologies is bad -- I'm with
> you; I'm not getting it either. I also don't know whether there's any
> precedent for this action, but they own the list. It's their
> decision;
> I respect other people's decisions.
> So I don't know whether I am (or anyone else is) still infringing
> against their list policy (which I can't find anywhere), or whether
> they're going to kick me and/or my colleagues from the list. But if
> you suddenly stop hearing from us, that's probably why.
> Their threat was only about the drbd-user list, by the way. I guess
> they also co-control the linux-ha{,-dev} mailing lists, but there
> have
> been no blocking or removal threats about those.

Having been a part of the *issue* at hand I am truly sorry if I annoyed/angered/offended anyone on the list with my weak attempts at humor and amusement.

The only other thing I will say is I think a little market competition is one thing but market dominance by control/regulation is a whole other.
Did we forget our foundations are built from community?


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