[DRBD-user] using SSD drives, the TRIM challenge

Christoph Roethlisberger christoph at iway.ch
Thu Mar 8 12:10:02 CET 2012

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We are using consumer grade SSD drives in a few of our servers for 4+ years 
now. (started with MTRON devices, switched to Intel later on and lately also 
some Samsung drives)
Though we just started using SSD drives as DRBD backend storage (hardware 
RAID6 - thus no TRIM anyways) we use similar configurations in storage 
arrays for high IO performance virtual machines. (ESX mostly)
So far we had zero problems with it and no measurable performance 
degradation and only one drive from the 100+ we have, failed so far. Though 
this happened already after one of two weeks in operation and was an 
electronic problem and not due to NAND wear out.

As long as the drives have some internal GarbageCollection (as most do 
nowadays) and you make sure that they do never fill up completeley (normally 
we format such arrays to a max of 90% of available space) the absence of 
TRIM can be neglected in my opinion.

As far as TRIM support in DRBD goes - I don't know.
LVM may support it already in RAID0/1 setups, but MDRaid nor any hardware 
RAID does it, (and hardware raid support may never ever come/work beside 
raid0/1 setups) so this limits the use of TRIM support in DRBD quite much.


> Hi all,
> I was wondering if anyone is successfully SSD drives as their backend 
> storage devices. If so, I'm wondering if these drives do no degrade quite 
> fast seen there is no TRIM support in DRBD.
> I'm also wondering if can motivate people to help sponsor this feature. If 
> the group is large enough, I suppose we can get this done for not too much 
> money.

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