[DRBD-user] Persistent Device Names

Ted Young mail at tedyoung.me
Tue Jan 24 18:14:57 CET 2012

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> Does anyone have any recommendations with managing a large quantity of 
> hot-swappable drives (e.g. tracking which drives in which bay, 
> managing the DRBD volume pairings, etc.)?
> Use LVM on top of the drives themselves and then use logical volumes as
the DRBD backing devices.

I see why that would solve the problem.  However, I am concerned that it
might be overkill.  Most notably, I am concerned about adding an extra layer
of management and overhead.  Is there really no other way to manage the
association between physical volumes and DRBD volumes?  What about
configuring the drives by ID or by UUID (e.g.  /dev/disks/by-id/*)?

I am particularly interested in the fact that there seems to be little to no
information about this on the Internet.  This leads me to believe that there
is already a simple method in place to prevent this problem that I am
missing or that this is not actually a problem at all.


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