[DRBD-user] Dual-primary to single node

Luis M. Carril lmcarril at cesga.es
Fri Jan 13 10:59:12 CET 2012

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    I´m new to DRBD and I think that I have a mess with some concepts 
and policies.

    I have setup a two node cluster (of virtual machines) with a shared 
volume in dual primary mode with ocfs2 as a basic infrastructure for 
some testings.
    I need that when one of the two nodes goes down the other continues 
working normally (we can assume that the other node never will recover 
again), but when one node fails
    the other enter in WFConnection state and the volume is 
disconnected, I have setup the standar set of policies for split brain:

     after-sb-0pri discard-zero-changes;
     after-sb-1pri discard-secondary;
     after-sb-2pri disconnect;

   Which policy should I use to achieve the desired behaivour (if one 
node fails, the other continue working alone)?


Luis M. Carril
Project Technician
Galicia Supercomputing Center (CESGA)
Avda. de Vigo s/n
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Tel: 34-981569810 ext 249
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