[DRBD-user] Documentation download & another DRBD question

Brian O Mahony brian.omahony at curamsoftware.com
Fri Feb 17 14:19:00 CET 2012

Hey folks

I am quite new to DRBD, and just had two quick questions, if someone could help it would be great.

#1 Is there a downloadable version of the documentation. I don't get very much time to read, so was planning on reading it all offline....

#2 One of the scenarios that I was thinking of using DRBD with is as follows. Please let me know if this would theoretically work, and whether it is ugly, or even just plain wrong.

I have a server with about 500GB of data on its own filesystem. Currently, nightly, we lock this data, use tar to copy it it another volume, unlock it, then use gzip on the copy to compress, and then copy this to a second server for backup. The reason for the multi-step process, is we want to keep data lock time a minimum.
What I was thinking of doing is using DRBD to mirror this volume to the second server. At backup time, on the second system, we stop the process, or stop the packet shipping or likewise, so there will be no updates, lock the data, run tar/gz, unlock, and restart the synchronization.
Is this possible. IE can DRBD deal with a system being unavailable for a few hours, store changes (or do checksums etc) and then replay those changes when the second system comes back online?

Anyways thanks in advance for the replies



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