[DRBD-user] io error when mounting drbd device

Lawrence Strydom qholloi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 12:56:26 CET 2012

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Couldn't find any PingAck's in the syslog - what else could have caused the
split brain?

I posted the results of the log file search here: http://pastie.org/3400863

DRBD replication is running over dedicated NIC's via a switch which runs
the internal subnet for the web and database servers. I don't have any
fencing in place...."FLAME!"  but am looking into it right now. All I can
say is I'm really happy this happened now - the site is scheduled to go
live in a few hours. I reconfigured the load balancer not to route any
incoming requests to the secondary node until this is sorted.



On 17 February 2012 13:35, David Coulson <david at davidcoulson.net> wrote:

> On 2/17/12 6:27 AM, Felix Frank wrote:
>> More specifically: You're running dual-primary. That means *any* hiccup
>> in your replication link will instantly split-brain your cluster as far
>> as DRBD is concerned.
> Agreed - Searching for PingAck in syslog is my lazy way of finding out
> when it actually broke itself :-)
> David
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