[DRBD-user] replication link stability

Piotr Kandziora raveenpl at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 15:18:05 CET 2012

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I have two servers with dedicated replication link (WiFI - 48Mbit/s). My
clients are connecting via other network link (100Mbit/s) to SAMBA service.

When they are copying files then replication link is very unstable - I can
see a lot of NetworkFailure statuses. Finally, they are disconnected from
SAMBA share (what is strange).

I think that dedicated network link is ok, because when I manually copy
files between two samba locations then copying is fine.

What is the reason of this behaviour? Any solution?

Below you can find my net and syncer section from drbd.conf:

     net {
                max-buffers 2048;
                max-epoch-size 2048;
                unplug-watermark 128;
                sndbuf-size 0;

         syncer {
                c-min-rate 10M;
                rate 10M;
                al-extents 127;

Best regards
Piotr Kandziora
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